Mosman Netball Club DOC 💗 Locker Room 

8 & 9 yrs Net Set Go


Warm Up

Prepare your players for activity and a strong body for life - they will thank you for it in the 10yrs


Warm Up Games

Let the FUN begin, children love games and there is no better way to practice the fundamentals of Netball

Couple Yoga


To aid recovery always remember to stretch


Session Plans 8yrs NSG

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Session Plans 9yrs NSG

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Team work



Court Balance, Throw-Ins, Systems and Centre Passes

Female Basketball Coach

Key Coaching Points

Excite your team with your new knowledge

Team Passing Drills

Lets practice the passing, why not use one of these for your pre-game warm-up

Shooting NSG

How to coach the beginning of a high release shooting technique and basic practice sessions for NSG shooters - use in conjunction with shooting technique in Specialist section

Specialist Sessions

Female Basketball Coach

Skills Curriculum

Take the hard work out of what to coach and when follow this easy curriculum 



Footwork with eight or nine of your best friends - get this right and you can excel on the court - includes Safe Landing (one & two foot), Take-Off, Sprinting, Jumping and Leaping



How do you stop stepping = practice pivoting - one and two foot, with & without the ball



Ball Skills includes Shoulder, Chest, Bounce


Attacking Skills

Attacking Skills includes Straight Lead, Single Dodge and Change of Direction (Two Straight Leads)


Shooting Technique a Coaches Guide

A coaches step by step guide to teaching a high release shot - use this to guide your shooters


Shooting Practice - Novice

With young ones you always have to start at the beginning and encourage the use of the high release technique, it will be difficult but they will get there





Defence wins championships they say! Lets get started with One on One Shadowing, Interception and Hands over the Ball (a skill for every player)


Defence Practice - Novice

With the young ones start with getting distance of 1.2m, Hands Over, Outside Arm,  and move on to Repositioning, Vertical Jump, Defence of Shot, Rebounding 


Lob Pass


You have the big 3 at the top now add the Lob Pass

Tips for NSG

NSNA Umpiring Tips for NSG


Tips from the Experts

NSG A Guide for Parents

If you have any questions about NSG find the answers here

NSG Player Rotation

No need to worry about who plays where and balancing court time, this spreadsheet will take the worry out of match day

Captains Roster


Share the load among all the team and teach important leadership skills for ALL

Sample Captains Roster

You can have up to 10 players, and include season round robins and gala days

Video Demonstrations