Welcome to Nets Coaches Locker Room

  • Participant Lists

    Participant Lists

  • Adv Attacking Skills

    Expanded Skills

  • FAQ - Medical

    List of standard Medical Conditions and how to manage them

  • JKP - Stretches

    After a hard day use these stretches to unwind those tired muscles

  • Key Coaching Points

    Use these key coaching points when introducing a skill

  • Are you Ready?

    Get ready for training & game

  • Shooting Agility

    Shooting Agility - Cards

  • Specialist Passing

    Passing - Wall passing cards

  • Specialist Defence

    Different types of shot Defence

  • Specialist Shooting

    A coaches guide to shot technique

  • Strategies

    Court Balance, Width & Depth, Long Court & Centre Passes

  • Passing Drills

    Great to get them moving onto the ball

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