Frequently asked questions

Can children be grouped with their friends?

Yes, grouping can be arranged to suit age, ability and friends — just let us know the names of any friends that are attending when booking. And don’t worry if there are no friends attending — new friends will be made at camp! Please answer the question during the checkout process "Please list any friends you wish to be placed with at this event?"

Is this an outdoor event?

Yes, unless otherwise specified

How much does it cost to attend our Holiday Academies

Please see the Holiday Academy page in your area, under >Holiday Academy Menu

What are the Holiday Academy hours?

9.00am to 3.00pm

What happens after I process my ticket purchase?

Once your ticket has been processed you will receive email confirmation with your ticket including full details of the clinic

Is it possible to attend just one day of a two day Holiday Academy

Yes we offer a limited number of 1 day tickets to our two or three day Holiday Academies

Can children be grouped with their Siblings?

Yes, if requested, and the age or ability difference is not great.

What clothing should be worn?

Please wear appropriate training attire and sandshoes, hair tied and no jewellery

What equipment do my children bring?

Please see Holiday Academy page and check your ticket confirmation email * Hat * Drink Bottle * Lunch * Morning Tea * Jumper/Hoodie * Netball (unless otherwise specified)

How many children are in a group?

There are 8-14 participants per group depending on appropriate age and skill considerations. We have many junior coaches on hand to Assistant our Head Coach and demonstrate the skills to the children.

Who is in charge of First Aid

Nets Netball have qualified First Aid officers at every camp.

Can parents stay and watch

Parents are welcome to stay and watch, but there is no need to.

Am I eligible for a family discount

We offer a sibling discount on purchases of two (2) or more tickets We also offer Early Bird Tickets well in advance of each Holiday Academy with a massive saving of $20 per ticket

What is the refund Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy - Purchases, 1 If cancellation occurs up to 7 days prior to the event then your money will be refunded less a $25 administration fee. 2 If cancellation is made within 7 days you will receive a 50% refund less a $25 administration fee. 3 In the case of cancellations 24 hours or later NO refund will be given.

Do all the staff have working with Children Checks?

Yes, all required Nets Netball staff have a current Working with Children Check.

My child has a medical condition, what is your Medical Policy?

Any medical condition that requires management of an individual has been disclosed to NETSNetball as part of the registration process. Any undisclosed condition will result in the participant being removed from the program/activity until such time as that condition/s have been explained and a management process is in place.

Do the camps accommodate talented players as well as beginners?

Yes, we can provide great coaching for all ability levels — just let us know before the camp if your child is an advanced player or a real beginner so we can group them accordingly.

What happpens if extreme weather is forecast?

The camp will never be cancelled due to weather. Drop off and pick up times will remain unchanged. In times of extreme weather we modify the program to make best and appropriate use of the venue’s facilities (undercover or indoor areas). This could involve talks from the specialists, modified intensity sessions and other games and activities.

What is Nets Netball behaviour Policy

Nets Netball aims to provide a welcoming and safe environment on all camps, where will we foster positive and supportive learning and skill development. Nets Netball is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all and everyone will be treated with respect and understanding at all time. To ensure that we provide a safe and supportive environment for all the following behaviour will be expected from all participants:
• Be respectful to all fellow participants treating them as they would like to be treated.
• Be respectful towards all staff and leaders by following and listening to all instructions
• Refrain from swearing, hurtful language and aggressive behaviour as this is not tolerated at our programs
• Be respectful towards other’s personal property and the camp facilities.

What is Nets Netball Sun Smart Policy

Nets Netball promotes and adheres to the SunSmart recommendations of the Cancer Council of Victoria. Please see Nets Netball Sun Smart Policy under our Terms & Conditions.

What is Nets Netball Participant Behaviour Policy?

Nets Netball aims to provide a welcoming and safe environment at all camps, where we foster positive, supportive, learning and skill development. Nets Netball is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all participants and everyone will be treated with respect and understanding at all times. In addition to the policies relating to staff behaviour and child safety, the following behaviour amongst camp attendees will also be expected and monitored: Being respectful to all fellow participants, treating them as they would like to be treated; Not seeking to harm, humiliate, intimidate, undermine or coerce other participants. Refraining from swearing, hurtful language and aggressive behaviour. Avoiding any behaviour (verbal or non-verbal) that has a sexual element, that is unwelcome, offensive, intimidating or humiliating to the other person. This includes, unwelcome physical contact, sexual comments or jokes and propositions. Maintaining age-appropriate relationships with other participants e.g. older children not ‘befriending’ younger participants. Being respectful towards all staff and leaders by listening to and following all instructions. Refraining from swearing and aggressive behaviour. Being respectful towards other’s personal property and the camp facilities. If a child does not meet these standards or otherwise demonstrates inappropriate behaviour, Nets Netball will notify parents accordingly, and where appropriate, provide suitable warnings.
To ensure the safety and well-being of all participants, Nets Netballl maintains the right to instigate disciplinary action. This will depend on the severity of the case and may involve an apology or suspension from participating in camps, including physical removal where appropriate or another form of action.

What happens if I can't find my email ticket?

Please contact nets@cksports.com.au and we can arrange for replacement ticket to be emailed ASAP

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