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Nets Netball Invincible Midcourt 👣 Master Class

A special opportunity to learn the detailed secrets of the centre court

    When:        8th April, 2018

    Where:      Willoughby Indoor Leisure Centre

    Time:         12.00pm - 2.30pm

    Ages:   Suitable for 10yrs + playing graded netball,

                this is a focused short course session


    Footwork - Small & Sharp

    Phase 1 - The Edge & Pass Placement

    Phase 2 - Fake / Baulk

    Phase 3 - Attacking as a team - where to lead and where to offer

    Phase 4 - Double Play - how and why

    Phase 5 - First Ball Pressure to a Contest

    Phase 6 - Delay, Deny Control

    Surprise - What to Do Under Pressure

    Game Sense - Attack Smarter not Harder

Hannah demonstrating chest pass technique
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