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Nets Netball Intense Defence 💪 Master Class

SOLD OUT watch out for our next Master Class Invincible Midcourt 👣


A special opportunity to learn the detailed secrets of defending in the circle and on open court!

When:        24th March, 2018

Where:       Willoughby Indoor Leisure Centre

Time:          9.00am - 12pm

Age:            Suitable for players 10yrs + playing graded netball


Footwork - Small & Sharp

Phase 1 - First Ball Contest

Phase 2 - Hands Over

Phase 3 - Delay, Deny Control

Phase 4 - Defence of the Shot

Phase 5 - Blocking out to get a Rebound

Phase 6 - Outlet - Transition into Attack

Surprise - Specialist Defence Activity - Set the Trap

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